Conductor Ad 4 - Premium H 1/4 Page

Conductor Ad 4 - Premium H  1/4 Page
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  • Item #: 00606h
The Conductor's Premiere Promotion makes maximal use of Conductor's colorful, readable and accessible format,to deliver your branding message with the powerful emphasis it deserves.
Positioned along the inner or outer edge of a page of the Conductor's colorful and inspiring content, the value of your message is enhanced.
The Premiere promotion can also be used as a retail coupon.
Our introductory rate of only $380 per quarter for the Conductor's Premiere Promotion is guaranteed only for the June edition, after which rates will be adjusted upward to reflect its actual value.
All our ad prices are for camera-ready digital copy in .PDF or other compatible format. Our in-house graphic designer is available at a modest additional charge to assist you in developing your ad copy.
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Price $700.00